iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ provides comprehensive training courses of excellent quality.

The tutorial sessions provide individuals with an understanding of pigging / pipeline / isolation / testing and its applications.  Training tutorials can be conducted at our UK factory or at client’s sites if required. Project/product specific certificates are issued upon successful completion of the course.

Tutorial Sessions

  • Introduction and the aim of the training
  • History of Pigging
  • Why pipelines are pigged
  • Design of pipelines for pigging
  • Types of pigs
  • Pig traps
  • Pig detection
  • Plugs and testers
  • Pig handling equipment
  • Health, Safety and Quality


  • Company tour
  • Sphere valve removal
  • Polyurethane casting
  • Foam Pig manufacture
  • Monitors and jacking devices
  • Pig build-up
  • Pig launcher and test loop