Pipeline Repairs

Pipeline Repairs

Pipeline repairs and modification are inevitable and necessary during the course of an asset lifecycle which can be well over 25 years, some profitable assets in the North Sea continue to operate over 40 years since initial installation.

Early identification using pipeline inspection is the most efficient way to ensure repairs are carried out at the earliest sign of damage to minimise disruption, cost and to maintain consistent product quality.

On the whole, pipeline repairs are disruptive to production; this has an implication from a business perspective. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has designed a range of testing and isolation tools used in the repair, modification and improvement processes that are easy to install and operate as well as self-locating. All of which means that the process becomes less time consuming, limits downtime, greatly reduces cost and any environmental impacts.

Benefits of Pipeline Inspection

  • Early identification of issues means that solutions are generally less costly and disruptive to the operation of the pipeline.
  • Using isolation tools such as flange weld testers, high pressure plugs, internal weld testers, dual tool isolation tools and hi-friction pigs is far more cost effective as only a limited amount of water is used to carry out the required pressure test or isolation rather than fill the pipeline section with water.
  • Using these tools eliminates the necessity of disposing of large quantities of contaminated water and also water particulate removal from the pipeline to ensure non contamination of the product being transported by the pipeline.
  • Using these types of tools minimizes down time on the pipeline.