iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of pipeline maintenance, cleaning, repairs, isolation, inspection, testing and commissioning

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Acoustek blockage and leakage detection system utilises acoustic reflectometry technology to detect full or partial blockages, obstructions or valve leakage.
Bespoke, tailor-made pigs can be designed and fully tested in our range of test loops. Client specific test rigs can be designed and pigs fully tested, often client witnessed, in our test facility.
The company produces a range of tube plugs, which are used in heat exchangers to maintain a safe and leak-tight seal under the most severe operational conditions.
iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offers engineering support, pig maintenance, refurbishment and supply service based on clients’ particular project needs.
Pipeline cleaning should be undertaken on a regular basis depending upon the chemistry of the field, flow rate, wax pore point and pipeline temperature.
Pipeline decommissioning or abandonment programmes are extensively used for pipelines. The process involved in these programmes includes steps such as pigging, flushing, filling and plugging of the pipeline.
Pipeline inspection is an essential activity to better understand the condition of any pipeline, ultimately to ensure that all assets are fully operational with a long life cycle.
Extensive range of pipeline isolation, hire pressure plugs and the world renowned Dual Tool assist clients achieve lowest cost pipeline integrity.
Pipeline maintenance is an essential element of running any asset or pipeline to maximum operating efficiency and consequent maximum profitability.
Also known as hydrostatic testing, pipeline testing is used to test the integrity of a pipeline. This is used in the commissioning stage as well as during pipeline maintenance programmes.
The company has developed a whole range of products and services for pigging “unpiggable pipelines”, typically pipelines are designed without the traditional launching and receiving facilities.
Comprehensive range of training courses of excellent quality. The tutorial sessions provide individuals with an understanding of pigging, pipeline, isolation, testing and its applications.
Ice pigging is a cleaning technique that uses high-solids ice slurry which is pumped under pressure to deliver a wall shear stress on the pipe, cleaning it through physical abrasion.
The company offers a suite of smart pigging tools and solutions that provide operators with advanced inspection and maintenance techniques.

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