Read our latest paper on the Multiple Pig Launching System

Read our latest paper on the Multiple Pig Launching System

We’re happy to share the link to our paper on the Multiple Pig Launching System presented at the Pigging Products and Services Association (PPSA) annual conference, now available online at the PPSA website – click here.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed this innovative system as a retrofit solution to provide automated multiple pig launching from existing launchers without modification to the very old existing launcher.

Conceptual design utilising CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) was conducted followed by full scale operational factory acceptance testing, which was successfully conducted over a series of client witnessed tests with water and subsequently air, using the clients own existing 36” production cleaning pigs.

By retrofitting this proven automatic pigging solution Operators can increase the frequency of pigging without the additional costs normally associated with this requirement. Manual pig handling is reduced and wear and tear on valves and closures is also significantly reduced, as is venting as a number of pigs can be loaded at one time.

Control of pig launching can be manually achieved or remotely launched if required. This can be particularly relevant to NNMP (not normally manned platforms) or the transition from manned to unmanned platforms.

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