Pigging Services Ancillary Equipment

We have an extensive range of ancillary equipment and service personnel available to accompany all iNPIPE HIRE™ tools for pipeline testing and isolation requirements

About: Pigging Services Ancillary Equipment

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has an extensive hire fleet comprising of flange testers, internal weld testers, high, medium, low pressure plugs and Dual Tools™. We also provide auxiliary equipment, offering a full range of products to complement the testers and enable full testing of a pipeline without being tied into a purchase.

These additional items are tested on a regular basis and are proven within the iNPIPE HIRE™ fleet.
The ancillary equipment is available at competitive prices and include:

• Blind flanges
• Chart recorders
• Flange spreaders
• Gaskets
• Hand pumps
• Manifolds
• Stud-bolt sets
• Test flanges
• Test gauges
• Test pumps
• Valves and pressure relief valves [PRV] hoses
• Site storage containers for tools
• Isolation tool lifting cradles and loaders
• Sphere lifting equipment
• Pig loaders
• Temporary launchers and receivers
• Pig tracking/receivers including CD52’s, CD 42’s (topside and subsea options)
• Full range of electro-magnetic transmitters and neodymium bracelets
• Traxall pig location equipment

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has a team of qualified service personnel who can accompany our tooling and perform the hydro-test for clients and therefore ensure that the testing is being carried out in a safe, correct, timely and professional manner. Service personnel are available for offshore and onshore work at UK and International sites. iNPIPE HIRE™ can also provide product hydrostatic testing training for client personnel either at our factory in North Yorkshire or at the client’s work site.

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