Pig Location and Tracking TRAXALL GPS

The TRAXALL™ unit is used for pig location and tracking with state of the art  ‘Digital Signal Processing’ (DSP) technology built in as a standard feature.


This innovative pig tracking system can be used to track up to 7 unique transmitters so that individual pigs in a pig train can be differentiated as they pass. The TRAXALL™ detection is then displayed as a different colour for pig type differentiation. Ultimately, the system is so easy and accurate; it can locate a pig within inches.

The TRAXALL™ has a number of unique ‘industry first’ features which are extremely valuable to the pigging engineer.

MFL: The TRAXALL™ comes with advanced permanent magnet tracking and location functions. This allows for much easier pig passage detection, location specification together with verification of launching and receiving. The interface all shows zero-crossing signals with full monitoring and pinpointing, recording and pig passage.

Global Position System (GPS): The standard TRAXALL™ system has a high speed GPS system and the memory capacity necessary for arbitrary points and coordinates to be stored. This unique feature enables the TRAXALL™ user to simply record trails and routes. This feature allows retracing activities of the pig or individual pigs within the pig train. The ‘navigate to waypoint system’ can be downloaded for greater functionality and integrating with Google maps and data storage.

Bluetooth & Satellite Notification: This feature allows data to be downloaded remotely and as a revolutionary industry feature, the TRAXALL™ can also be fitted with a LineStat™ radio system. LineStat™ gives the capability to remotely monitor pig passage and relay pig passage in real time directly to your mobile phone. The data is sent remotely to notify via email or text message without the need for phone network via satellite anywhere in the world.