Pig Handling Equipment

Standard and bespoke pig handling equipment designed to suit client specific project requirements including Pigging Poles, Sphere Lifter, Loading Cassettes and Pig Trolleys.


Nothing does more to improve efficiency, safety and cleanliness of pigging operations than a purpose designed system of handling equipment.

With the right equipment, heavy and cumbersome pigs/spheres can be moved quickly and easily between traps, benches, vehicles etc, all without the dangers and dirt typical with manual operations. The largest of pigs/spheres can be correctly inserted in launch and traps and safely removed from receivers.

The handling equipment available have all been designed as an integral part of the trap installation, as cost-effective displacer handling systems and range from a simple manually operated davit and bench/trolley to full power operated systems.

Pigging Poles / Pusher Bespoke Design
Pigging Poles / Pusher Standard Design
Sphere Lifter Standard Design
Sphere Lifter Bespoke Design
Loading Cassettes
Pig Trolleys