Pig Diverters

Pig diverters can be fitted to pipelines as a controller to provide automatic travel of spheres, mandrel bodied and intelligent pigs through the connection for pigging purposes.

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Pig diverters can be either manually operated, with a hand wheel, or fitted with electric [ATEX rated] or hydraulic actuation for remote operation if required.

Pig diverters are generally mounted through a flange connection, though weld prepared connections can be supplied dependent upon client specification, up to 48” in diameter and up to Class 2500.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ pig diverters are designed and manufactured in accordance with the design parameters of all pipeline codes and a full range of exotic materials, including duplex, inconel and monel depending upon the complex chemistry of the reserve.

Benefits of Pig Diverters

  • Manual (hand wheel) or automatic actuation as required
  • Operates through an internal diverter to ensure smooth transition from one single branch to two options
  • More robust and durable than a simple paddle arrangement
  • Space saving design
  • Limits the number of bends in a system compared to an equal wye design
  • Exotic material options available