Internal Weld Testers and Flange Weld Testers

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ flange weld testers (FWT) reduce time, expense, downtime delays and waste water disposal problems. Conventional blind flange-to-pipe weld pressure testing using water is wasteful and sometimes inaccurate, particularly on old plant systems.

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has pioneered the development and use of the flange/weld testing plugs which allows for the isolation and pressure testing of individual welds. The system even allows the monitoring of downstream conditions to ensure that the downstream pipeline has not been dangerously and inadvertently pressurised whilst isolating and testing the weld area.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ internal weld testers and flange weld testers can also be designed to provide mechanical testing of the weld if required. The company maintains an extensive range of sizes from ½” through to 36” Class 1500 on the shelf for immediate delivery complete with pressure test reports worldwide and design, manufacture and test to client requirement up to class 2500.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ internal weld testers and flange weld testers incorporate the tried, tested and patented Posi-Seal™ polyurethane technology with rugged tough internal seal incorporated with a soft but resilient exterior to ensure optimum sealing to the pipe wall.

The world renowned iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ internal weld tester and flange weld tester allows for a fast and efficient operation to be carried out with no need for specialist tools. All incorporate solid or inflatable Posi-seal™ technology and are available in mechanical or hydraulic actuation depending upon size, pressure and operational requirements.

Options for flange weld testers include extended, inline and angle actuation to allow for bends, tees or valves to be tested.

Benefits of Internal Weld Testers and Flange Weld Testers

  • Easily installed
  • Simple to use
  • Pressure testing of welds in isolation
  • Applicable in any pipeline material
  • Self-locating
  • Massively reduces operational costs
  • More environmentally friendly as less water is used
  • Less waste water for disposal
  • Minimises downtime

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