Hyperbaric Spheres and Piggable Plugs

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ hyperbaric spheres are based around the patented Posi-seal™ polyurethane technology. The effect pipe seal at depths is critical to perform pipeline tie-ins sub-sea.

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Hyperbaric spheres can be inserted either by diver or ROV into the open end of the pipeline and positioned by means of removable handles. The sphere Posi-Seal™ tyres are inflated to withstand differential pressures of up to 3 bar and in sizes up to 30” and 2 bar on 48” O/D have been produced and tested.

All iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ pressure retaining components are supplied with test certificate and operational manual for ease of operation. Following the insertion and energising of the hyperbaric sphere the welding habitat is sealed around the tie-in spool and the diving bell locked onto the habitat created. The habitat is then pressurized with the diving gas and the seawater is driven down out of the habitat. The welding and NDT can now to be simply performed in a dry environment.

Once the welding and NDT has been completed, the hyperbaric spheres can then be pigged out of the line.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Spheres and Piggable Plugs

  • Diver or ROV insertion
  • Buoyant syntactic foam ensures easy subsea insertion
  • Provision of a subsea welding habitat
  • Accommodation of pipeline features including ovality by the use of iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Posi-seal™ as used within the Dual Tool technology with thousands of successful isolations worldwide
  • Proven durability of valve/tyre inflation system
  • Compatible with normal pigging procedure for removal of the hyperbaric sphere once the tie-in has been completed