Hygienic & Sanitary Pigging Systems

Hygienic and sanitary pigging systems for process applications in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Full design, manufacture and supply of FDA approved pigs and ancillary equipment.

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offers bespoke hygienic and sanitary pigging systems suitable for a variety of applications across a wide range of sectors worldwide.

Pipeline pigging is an operation commonly used to maintain the integrity of a pipeline which improve its efficiency leading to optimum flow rate, increased product yield and reduced waste and clean in place (CIP), ultimately generating higher profit levels.

Our team of pigging specialists has the capability to offer custom engineering solutions backed up by 35+ years in the pigging industry providing full design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of turnkey solutions including FDA approved hygienic / sanitary pigs together with ancillary equipment such as launching and receiving systems, pig diverters and pig passage or location tracking systems.

FDA Approved Hygienic Pigs

Bespoke pig design for effective and reliable hygienic pipeline pigging suitable for use in food, beverage, vegetable oils, pharmaceutical and chemicals plants

  • Flexicast Pigs and Spheres manufactured from solid high performance polyurethane
  • FDA approved food grade material
  • Suitable for bi-directional pigging
  • Will traverse bends down to 1D radius
  • Light to handle
  • Maintenance free and disposable
  • Magnetic models available for tracking purposes

Pig Launchers and Receivers

Bespoke pig launchers and receivers which easily allow the loading or unloading of pigs and spheres into or out of a pipeline in an intrinsically safe, fast, and efficient operation.

  • Access to or from pipelines
  • Access and pipeline pressure are completed separated
  • Speed, convenience and safety of opening and closing
  • Internal storage position
  • Converts pig / sphere from expanded state to compressed travelling state
  • Includes or is associated with controlling pressure, flow and / or mechanical movement to give a positive driving force
  • Safe and practical provisions for connecting with the pipeline
  • Correct support so that the pipeline integrity is not compromised

Pig Detection Systems

Non-Intrusive pig signaller designed to be highly reliable, effective and simple to use. Operated using the principles of magnetics, this device allows the accurate location and tracking of pigs in pipelines.

The patented CD52 technology can detect transmitters or magnets mounted on the pig and relay their passage through the LCD display which clearly identifies date and time of passage. This information can also be remotely interfaced to PLC’s, SCADA, lights, horns or transmitted via satellite through intrinsically safe technology to mobiles or plc’s.

Pig Diverters

Pig diverters can be fitted to pipelines as a controller to provide automatic travel of pigs and spheres through the connection for pigging purposes.

Pig diverters are generally mounted through flange connections, though weld prepared connections can be supplied dependent upon client specification.

The unit comprises of an outer housing having a single inlet/outlet and two inlet/outlet branch connections all matching the pipeline size. Within the housing is a tubular vane which directs the pig or sphere from or to the single leg and either of the branch connections.