Pipeline Hydro-Testing Equipment

iNPIPE HIRE™ has an extensive hire fleet comprising of flange testers, internal weld testers, plugs, dual tools / twin tyred isolation plugs and associated Rothenberger test pumps.

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has an extensive hire fleet comprising of flange testers, internal weld testers, high pressure plugs, medium and low pressure plugs and dual tools / twin tyred isolation plugs.  iNPIPE HIRE™ also provides auxiliary equipment, offering a full range of products to compliment the testers and enable full testing of a pipeline without being tied into a purchase.

These additional items are tested on a regular basis and are proven within the iNPIPE HIRE™ fleet. The ancillary equipment is available at competitive prices and include Rothenberger Pumps, Flanges, Gaskets, Hoses, Test Gauges, Chart Recorders, Manifolds, Flange Spreaders, Valves and Pressure Relief Valves (PRV).

  • Flange Weld Testers (FWT) reduce time, expense, downtime delays and waste water disposal problems.
  • Dual Tool™ – Twin Tyred Isolation Plug is the ideal testing and isolation solution for pipelines carrying hydrocarbon resources.
  • High Pressure Test Plugs ensure that pipe work isolation can be undertaken safely using iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ proven Grip-lock™ and Posi-Seal™ technologies.
  • Low and Medium Pressure Pipeline Plugs for hydrostatic test applications together with full scale research and development options within our test facility for bespoke turnkey solutions.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has a team of qualified service personnel who can accompany our tooling and perform the hydro-test for clients and therefore ensure that the testing is being carried out in a safe, correct, timely and professional manner. Service personnel are available for offshore and onshore work at UK and International sites. iNPIPE HIRE™ can also provide product hydrostatic testing training for client personnel either at our factory in North Yorkshire or at the client’s work site.