Hybrid FLEXICAST ™ Foam Disc Pig

The Hybrid FLEXICAST™ Foam Pig technology incorporates the inherent and proven flexibility of the FLEXICAST™ to traverse 1D bends with an ultra-lightweight foam construction.

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Hybrid FLEXICAST™ Foam Disc Pig unique design ensures highly abrasive resistant solid polyurethane U-section wiping blades coupled with a low weight design.

This innovative design optimizes the proven wiping function of a traditional bi-directional mandrel bodied cleaning tool with the ultra-light weight of a foam pig, providing exceptional dewatering and wear resistant capabilities far beyond traditional and conventional foam pigs.

Hybrid FLEXICAST™ ensure intrinsically easier handling over conventional solid Polyurethane pigs due to their reduced weight. Our fully integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to design the required polyurethane foam density structure together with the required structural/hardness requirements of the polyurethane U-section wiper blades.

Since our incorporation in 1984, iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed significant experience in cleaning internally coated pipelines and complex flexible and non-metallic pipelines. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ controls every aspect of composite cleaning tool design in-house including design, full scale testing in our standard or project specific test rigs and bespoke material manufacturing in our 6-acre manufacturing and test facility located in North Yorkshire, England.

The innovative Hybrid FLEXICAST™ Foam pig can be designed to incorporate neodymium magnets, electro-magnetic, acoustic or radio-active isotope tracking options together with our unique debris/deposition mapping system incorporating video and geo-positional location features.

A fully bespoke design capability is offered to Clients and iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ is able to model cleaning/dewatering tools to successfully traverse extended sealing lengths including multiple tee interventions, oversized connectors or piggable wye connections.

Benefits of Hybrid FLEXICAST™ Foam Disc Pig

  • Single moulded construction
  • Will traverse 1D bends
  • Design enables negotiation of full-bore ball and through conduit valves
  • Light to handle
  • Suitable for bi-directional pigging
  • Magnetic models available for tracking purposes (neodymium magnets or electromagnetic transmitters)
  • Acoustic or radio-active isotope pig tracking options available
  • Compatible with iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ internal camera system