High Pressure Test Plugs

The high pressure test plug ensures that pipe work isolation can be undertaken safely using iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ proven Grip-lock™ and Posi-Seal™ technologies.

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The proven iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ high pressure plug design ensures that every orientation of pipework is easily accommodated and simply installed with the minimum of time and without the need for special tools.

The design of the Grip-lock™ jaws ensures that once simply energised the load is transferred from any pressure behind the plug into the pipe wall through the hardened jaws.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed significant experience in jaw design and actuation which has expanded as welding technology has progressed to allow the specification and use ever more exotic and expensive pipeline materials.

Hardened jaw materials, gripping design, surface area and speed of actuation are critical to the successful installation and energising of high pressure pipeline plugs today.

The company has developed a huge fleet of plugs available for hire so in some instances supply can include hire for short term requirements and/or sale depending on customer need. Typically tools from ½” to 36” are available and up for pressures up to Class 2500.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offers an extensive worldwide client base together with a proven design, manufacture and test scope of supply. In some instances, the company can also mobilise an installation team to accompany the tools if required and has supplied this service in the UK, Norway and other parts of the world to satisfy our international clients and operators.

Benefits of High Pressure Plugs

  • High pressure plugs can be used to cap open ended pipes, pipe spools and piping systems and remove the need to fit flanges/ blind flanges which is the traditional way to hydro-statically test and eliminates the need for hot work and consequent permits.
  • A fast-track, proven high pressure testing system for hydro-testing short or long span pipework or spools
  • A fast-track proven system for hydro-testing in-situ valves or retro-fit valves
  • Bespoke design facility to ensure that iNPIPE PRODUCTS high pressure plugs do not damage the pipe including project specific jaw design, together with over-clamp design, if required to maintain the integrity of the pipeline
  • iNPIPE PRODUCTS high pressure plug design can incorporate double hydraulically operated circuits to control energise and de-energise functions to ensure fail-safe operation. Full pressure monitoring, remote or local, can be accommodated
  • HP plugs can also be used as pig launching facilities by pre-loading pigs directly into the pipe, fitting the plug and then “launching” the pigs through the central port as required
  • Bespoke high pressure plug handling and loading cradles are available. A number of loading cradles are available from our extensive hire fleet

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