Hi Friction Pigs or High DP Pigs

High Friction pigs can be used as low pressure, high seal isolation barrier during pipeline modifications

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Hi Friction Pigs or High Differential Pressure (DP) Pigs require a very high differential pressure to move them. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed a number of designs in order to ensure the necessary frictional resistance to the pipe-wall necessary to the required differential pressure to move the pig.

The necessary frictional resistance can be achieved by compressing closely packed discs of different PU shore hardness’, widths and quantities. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ unique Patented Posi-seal inflatable tyre is a proven method in other Hi Friction pigging requirements.

Benefits of High Friction Pigs

  • Bi-directional options
  • Extended, long run designs available
  • Designs can accommodate extreme ovality and weld penetration
  • Variable break-out control through differential valve options
  • Multiple pig train designs options
  • Full pig tracking and location options including magnetic (neodymium magnets and electro-magnetic or acoustic transmitter options)
  • Extended traveling distances post isolation up to 600km or more
  • Full-scale factory testing and research and development facilities available