Gauging Pigs

Gauging pigs are used to determine internal defects and obstructions inside the pipeline

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Gauging pigs are typically used once the pipeline has been cleaned and all debris removed during pre-commissioning. The gauging pig run would indicate whether there is anything that could be protruding inside such as excessive pipeline ovality, dents, excessive weld penetration and potentially sticking valves.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ gauging pigs are usually fitted with aluminium plate or other materials dependent upon client specification. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ can advise on gauge plate design/seal and guide disc configuration.

Benefits of Gauging Pigs

  • Gauge plates can be fitted to most pig designs, including foam pigs on any pipeline size
  • Typically manufactured from aluminium with a segmented design
  • Designed to register a physical obstruction but not to damage the internals of the pipeline
  • Gauge pigs can be run at any time an obstruction/protrusion is suspected
  • Typically sized to 95% of smallest internal diameter though Client specification can be accommodated