Foam Pigs

Pipeline Foam Pigs for pipeline cleaning, de-watering and swabbing.

About: Foam Pigs

Pipeline Foam Pigs for pipeline cleaning, de-watering and swabbing, sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 90″. The foam pigs or polly pigs are manufactured specifically for the pipeline and can be adapted to include transmitter housing, tow loops, gauge plates and magnets; we have even manufactured polly pig camera variations for internal inspection purposes.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ foam pigs have been developed from polyurethane foam materials which are beneficial in that wear and tear is reduced to the minimum. Sealing properties are always maintained to minimize sticking and the I/D size can reduce by up to 25% to take into account changing sizes in the pipeline; iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has even developed special dual density polly foam pigs to assist in size reduction to accommodate dual diameter pipelines. Foam pigs are generally used as disposable and maintenance free making them a good option for applications such as cleaning, swabbing, de-watering, product separation and drying in pipelines not originally designed for pigging operations. As an established polly pig manufacturer iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ produces a full range of bare foam pigs, fully coated foam pigs, criss cross foam pigs and brush pigs.

The density of the foam pig can be altered depending on the purpose; the general rule is that the greater the density the more wear and better performance the pig will have. However, there are certain pipeline, medium and applications that will require different densities.

Foam pigs are coated with polyurethane and can also be fitted with brushes for different applications based on client specific requirements. Although lightweight and easy to handle, after use they may require special handling as they will be full of the product in the pipeline.

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Benefits of Foam Pigs

  • Can travel up to 400km
  • Maintenance free and disposable
  • Up to 25% reduction through a pipeline
  • Traverses bends, mitres, tees and various valve configurations
  • Adapted if required to include transmitter housing, tow loops, gauge plates and magnets
  • Capable of negotiating short radius bends
  • Manufactured specifically for client specifications