Sphere Flow and Barred Tees

Flow tees can be used to ensure the safe travel of spheres, foam pigs, metal bodied or intelligent pigs across side branches and should be incorporated into pipeline systems when the diameter of the side branch is 25% or more of the diameter of the main pipeline. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ recommend the use of flow tees in such applications.

About: Sphere Flow and Barred Tees

Sphere flow tees are designed with a forged oversized tee, forged end reducers and a through pipe which is equal to the main pipeline internal diameter (I/D). The through pipe has a series of angled slots machined, ensuring the least resistance to the discs or cups of traversing pigs and minimum flow disturbance, equal to 1 or 1.5 times the branch diameter. Tees can be designed for flanged or weld end connections dependent upon client specification.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offer fabrication in a full range of materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex and solid inconel or monel overlay.

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