FLEXICAST™ pigs area ideal for a wide range of pigging applications including light cleaning, flooding, dewatering, swabbing, batching, separation, commissioning and decommissioning.

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ was one of the first companies to develop a solid polyurethane pig branded FLEXICAST™ pigs, sometimes called flexi polyurethane pigs or solid cast polyurethane pigs for use in crude, oil, refined product lines, chemical lines, jetty lines to storage depots, natural or industrial gases, vegetable oils and effluents and can also be manufactured in FDA approved Food Grade Material.

Primarily FLEXICAST™ pigs are used as separation pigs, displacement pigs or batching pigs. They are maintenance free and disposable so are often the preferred pig for cleaning and batching when mandrel or metal bodied pigs would not be suitable due to the construction of the line or where a number of short radius bends are in close proximity to each other.

FLEXICAST™ pigs are usually used in smaller sized pipelines up to 16” and are particularly useful in flexible rises as special variants can be made to accommodate dual diameters due to the internal diameter [i/d] change of the carcass of the risers and topside pipework.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ FLEXICAST™ pigs can also be supplied with magnetic detection systems for topside or subsea tracking and location. They are not heavy and perform well in pipelines which are generally small in diameter, short in length, particularly when used in process plant pipework systems, tank farm pipework systems and are also useful for flooding and dewatering of small diameter lines during pre-commissioning.

They are a very versatile tool and useful for a large number of applications.

Benefits of FLEXICAST™ Pigs

  • Stable and centralised operation
  • High performance sealing
  • No replacement parts required
  • Will traverse 1D bends
  • Design enables negotiation of full-bore ball and through conduit valves
  • Easily cleaned
  • Light to handle
  • Suitable for bi-directional pigging
  • Radial brushes can be accommodated
  • Magnetic models available for tracking purposes
  • Solid cast from high performance Polyurethane
  • FDA Food Grade Approved materials available
  • Compatible with iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ mini-internal camera system