CD42-STS Subsea Pig Tracking

The CD42-STS is designed for the subsea tracking of moving pigs and/or location of stationary or stuck pigs equipped with CDI’s standard line of electromagnetic transmitters or magnet bracelets fitted to the pig body.  The CD42-STS diver and ROV tracking system does not use radioactive isotopes so is easily and safely transported and operated.


The CD42-STS can be used in water depths down to 8,0000ft (2,439m) and is designed to be either carried by a diver or ROV depending upon depth and application. The CD42-STS is a proven and very reliable system with many successful deployments around the world with a variety of operators and contractors.

CDI’s portable receiver design is proven technology and the CD42-STS can be used to locate and track any type of pig: foam, solid polyurethane, metal-bodied, spheres or even ILI tools can be simply and easily tracked or located.

Clear indication of transmitter strength and consequent position by a series of bright LED displays so the diver or ROV operator can safely and easily be detected, a really user friendly option with an extensive list of proven operation.