CD 42 Topsides Pig Tracking

Pipeline pig location and tracking system makes the task of detecting and recording pig passages quick and easy.


The CD42 pipeline pig tracking and location system makes the task of detecting and recording pig passages quick and easy. A large back-lit graphics display clearly shows the approach and passage of transmitter equipped pigs as a clear rising and falling pulse pattern. Seeing the pig’s pulsing transmitted so clearly eliminates the stop and go guesswork that one often experiences with less sophisticated needle meter type systems.

Offered in several configurations and available for sale or hire, the CD42 pipeline pig location and tracking system is the most feature-rich and accurate pig tracking system in the world. The CD42 receiver’s unparalleled pig tracking and locating capabilities are available offshore as well with the CD42-STS. The CD42-STS may be deployed by diver or ROV and used to depths of 8,000 feet (2,438m).

Benefits of CD 42 Topsides Pig Tracking

  • Ease of use – simply turn it on and go
  • Proprietary design allows high level of background noise rejection
  • Automatic passage recording: detected passages count, location, time and date are stored in the computer’s memory
  • Skid-mounted underwater antennas are available
  • Pig passages may be recalled from memory for viewing, report printing or transferring to desktop PCs
  • The operator can get assistance with many functions by using the built-in help menu
  • The graphic LCD display is backlit for full readability at night
  • Built in speakers are used to indicate pig passages, transmitter pulses, button presses, etc.
  • Battery life of 40 hours minimum with all options on, including backlight
  • Can be used to track and locate transmitters from competitive companies and high-strength neodymium magnets