Automatic Pig Launcher

The innovative automatic pig launching has been developed as a retrofit solution to provide automated multiple pig launching from existing launchers.


iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Automatic Pig Launcher [IPPAPL] relates to development of a cassette designed and manufactured to the same size of the nominal barrel with self-seals into the reducer in order to successfully launch/deploy a number of cleaning tools/pigs/scrapers either one at a time or sequentially as required.

The novel design can use existing nozzles/valves or through wall communication which does not need any hot work alteration to existing facilities to launch any number of pigs sequentially as required – massive cost savings and easy to install.

Benefits of Automatic Pig Launcher

  • No need for trap modification or extensive design review
  • No hot work or structural modifications
  • Turnkey package including cassette, pigs, release control, pig tracking/signalling and loading systems
  • Design, manufacture, test, certify and maintain options
  • Sale or lease options