Articulated Pigs

Articulated pigs are designed to overcome pipeline feature constraints, negotiating wye connections and tight radius bends. They are also designed to pass oversized features such as special valves or subsea pipeline connections. 

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed significant experience over the last 35 years and a multitude of articulated pig designs, which span many types of pipeline features and constraints to provide the client with proven and durable pigging solutions.  

Over the years the company has designed, tested and supplied a full range of articulated cup or disc pigs from as small as 6” up to 36” incorporating magnet pigs, gauging pigs, brush cleaning pigs and pin-wheel studded pigs together with the specified tracking and location methods. 

Clearly the design of the articulation joint and fixings relative to the pig body modules is critical and all designs are fully load tested to ensure safe and reliable performance; failure of articulation or fixing could result in modules separating and blocking the pipeline catastrophically. 

Other potential deciding factors influencing pig design can be the amount of pig tracking equipment required; batteries necessary for location transmission can increase pig body size to the point where two modules can be required. 

Experience has proved that careful consideration is required with regard to weight and weight distribution to ensure that equal drive is always achieved, particularly with articulated pig design. Weight distribution is also critical to maintain sealing and to prevent seal damage or excessive uneven wear. 

Benefits of Articulated Pig

  • Stable and centralised operation
  • High performance sealing
  • Bi-directional designs can travel in either direction within the pipeline (dependent upon wye or diverter design)
  • Polylast AAA abrasive resistant systems mean that these pigs can withstand up to 1,000km distances
  • Can be designed to accommodate multi diameter pipelines
  • Successful design for removing light deposits from the pipe wall
  • High strength neodymium magnetic cleaning for removal of ferrous debris
  • Radial and spring mounted brush options
  • Spring mounted plough blades for wax or scale removal
  • Pipeline gauging and data logging options
  • Articulated dual module bi-di options can be designed to traverse all pipeline features
  • Check valve design options
  • Spring mounted support wheels
  • Magnetic, acoustic, electro-magnetic and radioactive source tracking options