Acoustek™ – Pipeline Blockage & Leakage Detection System

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™  Acoustek™ blockage and leakage detection system utilises acoustic reflectometry technology to detect full or partial blockages, obstructions or valve leakage. The  technology can also check valve opening speeds and whether the valve opens  completely.


iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Acoustek™ connects directly into a live pipeline, injecting an acoustic pulse which is capable of detecting reductions in bore caused by debris build up or partially open/closed vales by measuring the reflected pulse. The system is ideally suited to verify the 100% closing efficiency of emergency shutdown valves (ESD) and can accurately detect and locate reductions with a range of up to 10km from the installation point.

Typical applications include:

  • As a temporary installation to detect blockages, obstructions or other features in a pipeline
  • As a permanent installation to continuously monitor a pipeline and detect changes such as the build-up of hydrate blockage or water deposit
  • Confirmation of Valve Status (Open/Closed/Partially Closed)
  • Capable of recording the duration for an ESDV to fully close and determine if it meets HSE regulations
  • Location of stuck scraping tools and plugs
  • Location of dents, hydrates and debris
  • Determination of riser liquid level

Benefits of Acoustek

  • Easy to deploy
  • Continuous monitoring capability
  • Suitable for complex pipeline networks
  • Easy to integrate with existing pipeline equipment
  • Remote surveying capability
  • No requirement for additional support services such as ROV
  • Only requires installation to one end of the pipeline
  • Accurate location of blockages or obstructions to +/- 2.5m
  • Pipeline surveys completed in just a few hours
  • No disruption to gas flow or normal operations