Abandonment Plugs

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ developed the abandonment plug as a long term isolation and decommissioning tool to provide reliable and simple isolation of pipework systems of pipelines for the oil, gas and petrochemical infrastructure.

About: Abandonment Plugs

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has a proven track record in designing, manufacturing and hydrostatic testing of abandonment plugs whether for a temporary contract or to provide a permanent plug for the pipeline.

The iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ abandonment plug is a development of the tried and tested high pressure plug design; equipped with the patented elastomer Posi-Seal™ and vice jaws that will grip into the pipe wall. Client specific requirements can incorporate the options of failsafe double grip-lock jaws together with gas-tight polyurethane Posi-seals™ to provide double block and bleed options. Abandonment plugs up to 24” and available in either mechanical or hydraulic versions dependent upon the method and location of deployment; all come complete with lifting beams for crane, fork-lift, diver or ROV safe handling.

Client led development includes the option with a larger centre bypass to allow pressure monitoring beyond the abandonment plug. Designed & manufactured to order, this type of plug can also be used to provide a “launcher” to cap the line pipe and conduct temporary pigging using the port to pressurise behind the pig. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ have developed plugs from 6”ns and above to be manufactured with a 2” capped through port. Market leaders in this field of application, the company has developed an impressive track record in this type of plugging and are often specified by many major offshore operators and contractors.

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