TransAsia Pipeline and International Pipeline Products sign Memorandum of Understanding with Sumitomo Corporation Middle East

TransAsia Pipeline, International Pipeline Products and Sumitomo Corporation Middle East have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for collaboration with key focus on new technologies and digitalization in Midstream Operation and Maintenance space.

TransAsia and iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ are established businesses in the Operation and Maintenance sector, with good product deployment and pipeline management expertise, on the other hand, Sumitomo Corporation Middle East brings a lot of strength and in depth knowledge through globally established midstream supply chain footprint, balance sheet strength, and in-house Tubular technology team. We look forward to creating synergies with this MoU.


TransAsia Pipeline Services FZE

TransAsia is a service company and specializes in oil & gas pipeline and process piping maintenance services both within offshore and onshore facilities.


International Pipeline Products Limited

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™, established in 1984, is design and manufacturing company focusing on Hi-Tech innovation and solutions for pipeline cleaning, maintenance and isolation/repair.


Sumitomo Corporation Middle East FZE

Sumitomo Corporation Middle East is an indirect subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.