Magnetic Long Run Foam Pig for Enhanced Cleaning

Magnetic Long Run Foam Pig for Enhanced Cleaning

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed a magnetic long-run foam pig designed to collect small ferrous debris during the enhanced cleaning of the pipelines where the cleanliness of the pipeline has high priority.

The development of this product came about when an aviation fuel line operator requested iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ to remove small metallic particles from transport lines.

The new foam pigs are available in medium or high-density foam. They are designed with a series of spiral grooves into which reusable rare-earth magnets are mounted.

The grooved design and the recession of the magnets into the grooves provide a wide collection area for light particles. By adjusting the series of magnets heavy deposits can be removed using progressive pigging; they are fitted in such a way that they can be quickly removed and the ferrous debris wiped off as well as to ensure full 360-degree pipe coverage.

Launching may be carried out either via a permanently installed pig trap or by insertion using the patented iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ temporary pig launcher.