Innovation in Pipeline Isolation

Innovation in Pipeline Isolation

iNPIPE HIRE™ is the market leading specialist for pipeline testing, isolation tools, and innovative ideas, as a result of experience and extensive in-house knowledge. The range of tools includes Pipeline Plugs and the world renowned Dual Tool for pipeline isolation, as well as Flange Weld Testers and Internal Weld Testers to test pipeline integrity. Furthermore, iNPIPE HIRE™ offers a full range of non-intrusive pig signalling equipment for hire.


Isolating the Pipeline with iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Plug

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ was approached by the client with a view to isolating a 24″ns export riser pipeline whilst rectification and replacement work took place on a platform off the coast of Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom. The integrity of the existing valve and the connection of the flange on the weldolet were in question, and it was impossible to insert a plug through the 2″ns valve to facilitate removal or replacement.

The innovated solution provided, is testament to the skill and level of detailed understanding within the in-house design team at iNPIPE HIRE™. The job was completed on time without any unforeseen complications or deviations from the scope, and all parties were completely satisfied.