Case Study:
90″ Desalination Seawater Intake Pigging System

90″ Desalination Seawater Intake Pigging System

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has completed an integrated sea water inlet cleaning system for a series of inlet pipelines in what is believed to be the largest pigging project in the world. At 90” diameter the launching system incorporated a number of firsts, both in design and manufacturing techniques.

Commissioned by a South Korean conglomerate, the Brompton on Swale based company has supplied massive fully coated foam pigs, loading equipment, launching equipment together with an integrated tracking system that will be used on some of the world’s largest pipelines.

The foam pigging system is used to ensure cleanliness of seawater intake lines feeding the desalination plant. The project, is part of a new Power Plant in Algeria, allowing for mechanical cleaning of four sub-sea lines running from the intake manifold to the intake turrets.

Although a relatively simple system the project challenges were:

  • Design Launcher traps to be mobile between the four inlet pipe ends, in a limited foot print.
  • Hydraulic loading system to enable pre-loading of cleaning tools.
  • Unique twin kicker connections, including manifold hook-up system.
  • Designed for connection to submerged pipeline ends, diver installed.

The foam pigs themselves had some unique characteristics, due to the large size. Speaking about the contract, Peter Fretwell, director of pigging services, said: “In my 40 years of experience in the industry, this is by far one of the largest and most technically complex projects that I have ever been involved in.”

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ had to re-design their standard product. The design had to consider:

  • Safe Handling: multiple density foam elements were incorporated to ensure safe handling of the 90” diameter foam pig while maintaining the ability to effectively remove debris from the pipeline.
  • Project specific design elements to work in combination with loading system.
  • Tracking: as well as visual signaling systems to confirm launch, the foam pigs themselves had tracking systems installed to confirm arrival at the sub-sea turret.

This integrated approach allows for effective solution development, considering manufacturing capabilities, operational requirements and project aims. Providing the client with an efficient, on time delivery which meets the project aim of reducing operational costs.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ is an internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of pipeline pigging products, including foam pigs, cup pigs, bi-directional cleaning / gauging pigs, pig handling equipment, pig signalers, engineered solutions for pipeline isolation and joint testing, launching & receiving systems as well as bespoke pigging solutions based on specific client project requirements.