Case Study:
36” Secondary Pipeline Isolation Solution

36” Secondary Pipeline Isolation Solution

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ was approached to provide  a unique pipeline isolation solution to allow maintenance at an offshore platform location.

The challenge was to provide isolation behind a leaking Emergency Shutdown Valve [ESDV] providing a safe gas seal, with a bleed facility to ensure a safe working environment allowing personnel to carry out critical maintenance to the offshore facility.

The client had established that their ESDV was passing. This also did not provide a Double Block and Bleed [DBB] facility to provide a safe working environment.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ solution was to propose its Hi-Diff Isolation tool design.

This proven design provided a number of advantages, including:

  • Ease of piggability & positioning
  • Short body / positioning length
  • Ability to evacuate product from worksite areas

Acceptance Testing (FAT) was carried out to confirm:

  • Launch pressure
  • Drive Pressure
  • Hold Pressure
  • Flip Pressure

In addition, pigging medium combinations of air / water & water / air were carried out to confirm piggability and the positioning accuracy. Following successful FAT the tools were mobilized to site.

The accurate positioning of the isolation tools was critical therefore each of the tools was fitted with electromagnetic tracking systems to the front and back.

The isolation tools were pigged into position with liquid against gas product to evacuate the product from the work site area. Using external receivers, the tools were both positioned ahead of a vent connection to provide bleed from an existing connection point, upstream of the ESDV. Once in position the pressure of the launcher side was reduced. Monitoring was provided by a pressure gauge on the vent point, enabling pressure to be vented to a safe area.

Although this tool provides a low-pressure (4 Barg) safety barrier the solution prevented the complete pipeline to be decommissioned saving weeks of additional shutdown time for the client and multi millions loss of revenue.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ is an internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of pipeline pigging products, including foam pigs, cup pigs, bi-directional cleaning / gauging pigs, pig handling equipment, pig signalers, engineered solutions for pipeline isolation and joint testing, launching & receiving systems as well as bespoke pigging solutions based on specific client project requirements.