Case Study:
36” & 48” Welding Pig / Piggable Plug

36” & 48” Welding Pig / Piggable Plug

The 36” and 48” welding pig design utilises the iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ uniquely patented tyre design to provide proven reliability. The piggable plugs are provided with 2 sets of inflatable tyres to provide failsafe proven performance and reliability and ensure that the differential breakout pressure is uniform.

The system can be tailored to suit the specific needs of client requirements in terms of retaining pressure together with the required breakout pressure. Initially designed to “pig out” following isolation, over a distance of 370km, the modular design could be modified to travel further distances as required.

The iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ welding pigs can also be supplied with a pipe insertion tool to aid insertion into the line pipe without the need for a launcher or reducer. The hydraulic insertion equipment is based upon our fully tried and tested, patented wet buckle insertion tool technology for insertion.  The design of the welding pigs is completely flexible and can also be modified to accommodate subsea installation by divers or ROV as required and independent of water depth as specific buoyancy of the pigs and/or insertion tools can be accommodated within the scope of design.

An additional benefit of the system, based around the widely acclaimed and specified iNPIPE PRODUCTS Dual Tool™, is that dependent upon positioning the tool can be used as a differential pressure barrier, a tool for the provision of inert gas to improve weld quality or subsequently a hydrostatic testing tool.

The iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ innovative design can be used as a single tool in isolation or alternatively designed as a pig train based upon specific project requirements.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ is an internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of pipeline pigging products, including foam pigs, cup pigs, bi-directional cleaning / gauging pigs, pig handling equipment, pig signalers, engineered solutions for pipeline isolation and joint testing, launching & receiving systems as well as bespoke pigging solutions based on specific client project requirements.