Case Study:
24” Test Plug / Dewatering Tool

24” Test Plug / Dewatering Tool

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Based on a client’s specific project requirement, iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has developed a hydraulically operated subsea pipeline isolation tool.

The tool has been designed to take into account both pipeline internal and subsea external pressure.  The tool utilises two of iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ proven Composite Seals to prevent fluid from entering the pipeline or conversely fluid exiting the pipeline around the seals.

In order to take both load cases into account the hydraulic system is designed to lower the risk of pressure intensification; a key problem when operating a hydraulically driven ram and external pressure is acting across the surface area of the tool.  Limiting the required hydraulic pressure to operate the tool protects third party hydraulic pipework.

The tool was successfully tested with two distinct load cases:

  • 60 bar internal pipeline pressure
  • 85 bar external pressure


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