The Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller allows tracking of a pigs location in a pipeline on a temporary basis.

Product Overview

Non-intrusive pig signallers

The Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller allows tracking of a pigs location in a pipeline on a temporary basis where provision has not already been made for pig tracking. This solution offers a highly reliable way in which to collect data without compromising the integrity of the pipeline with a permanently fixed pig signaller. The system can be used as a permanent or temporary non-intrusive solution.

CD42 Pig Location & Tracking System

The CD42 pipeline pig location and tracking system makes the task of detecting and recording pig passages quick and easy. A large backlit graphics display clearly shows the approach and passage of transmitter equipped pigs as a clear rising and falling pulse pattern. Seeing the pig’s pulsing transmitted so clearly eliminates the stop and go guesswork that one often experiences with less sophisticated needle meter type systems.

CD42 Transmitter Family

All CD42 pig locations and tracking transmitters operate on the principles of magnetics, emitting electromagnetic fields at a frequency of 22Hz. They are extremely resistant as they are housed in stainless steel and nylon. All CD42-Tx transmitters have pressure housings which allow them to be mounted directly in or on any type of pipeline pig and can withstand pressures of up to 4,000 PSI (275 bar).

CD52 Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller                

The CD52 Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller is designed to be simple, easy and quick to fit or remove from the pipeline and can be fitted to pipelines or launcher and receivers. The patented CD52 technology can detect electro-magnetic transmitters mounted internally or magnets on the pig and relay their passage through the LCD display which clearly identifies date and time of passage. Magnets can be moulded internally into spheres, flexicast pigs or discs as well as magnet bracelets which can be mounted externally on to the pig body. This means existing pigs can be simply, easily and inexpensively modified.

The non intrusive system lends itself to inexpensive installation and information can also be monitored locally, remotely with messages of pig passage delivered immediately to any central system or directly to client mobile anywhere in the world.

The non intrusive system is available to buy or hire. Demonstrations can be held on iNPIPE PRODUCTS™‘s test loop at your convenience. Contact us for further information.