Disc & Cup Pigs are metal bodied pigs applicable for many activities including pipeline cleaning, flooding and de-watering, commissioning and de-commissioning. Whilst Disc Pigs are bi-directional, Cup Pigs are only uni-directional.

Product Overview

  • Will traverse full bore valves, barred tees and negotiate 1.5D bends
  • Towing eye at each end for easy removal
  • Exceptional physical properties and chemical resistant qualities
  • Design and material used allows for minimum bypass
  • Polylast V systems mean that these pigs can withstand up to 1,000km distances
  • High wear and abrasion resistant
Technical Info

Available 2”-60”.

Disc & Cup Pigs are also known as mandrel pigs or utility pigs. They can be used for cleaning; removing accumulated solid or debris and for sealing; removing liquids, separation of fluids, dewatering etc.

Making good use of the components available on a metal pig body is how these pigs are designed for the most effective use. It is essential that there is complete coverage of the inside of the pipe wall for the applications described. In order for this to occur, there will be overlap of some of the parts on the pig.

Cups provide a flexible seal on the inside of the pipeline which wear slower than some other shapes. The use of discs however means that the pig becomes bi-directional. The construction of disc pigs usually includes guide discs and sealing discs.

Additional elements can be added to mandrel pigs for different applications including brushes and spring-attached elements